Pizarron Majico 2

El Pizarron Majico 2 (The Magic Blackboard 2)
A Puppet Production by Patricia Carlos Dominguez

The play is aimed towards pre-school trough sixth grade audiences. It is a musical which tells the story of how music and the arts can lift the spirits and quality of life of children and adults alike and thereby save a town from an eternally dreary existance. This is a bilingual play in both English and Spanish.

As they learn about the history of music from prehistoric times to the present, the children will sing along with Maestra patricia, (the teacher), Leonardo Draconi, (the dragon puppet) El Duque de Grisolandia, (the duke of Grisolandia) and El Rey de Grisolandia, (the King of Grisolandia)

We know that children respond to puppets in a special way, and we’re confident the lessons of this humurous musical will have a lasting impact on students, helping them appreciate music and the arts in a whole new way.

Sets and Puppets are original and designed for the Play.