Cuerpo Sano Vida Sana

Focusing on Health, Personal Hygiene and Nutrition

As we know, young people these days are suffering from a number of important health problems, not the least of which is obesity and early onset of Diabetes, especially among Latino Children.

Considering the great need to improve the level of health, nutrition, and hygiene of Latino Children, the play provides important lessons in a very accessible way. This puppet play features a number of catchy songs with Latin rhythms.

Children sing along with Dr. Dominguez (a puppet) and maestra Patricia as they are joined by Dr. Dentista and others in this enjoyable production. For example, Don Jabon, with a lively cumbia, shows the importance of washing our hands fruits and vegetables before we eat.

Also appearing are the three temptations, (tres tentaciones) of fat, salt, and sugar. They try to lure the children to eat junkfood, but then a sick stomack sings a sad tango and demonstrates the consequences of eating such food. With a danceable corrido, the play ends emphasizing the importance of eating healthy foods in accordance with the food pyramid.

The play is presented bilingually so that all children and adults will enjoy it.